Thursday, 6 October 2011

ten days in croatia

zagreb medley

On Monday 5th September Paul and I left for Zagreb as part of our honeymoon getaway.

The holiday began with an amazing few days in the Croatian capital. We stayed at 5-star Hotel Regent Espalande and they treated us amazingly, really going out of their way to make sure we had a fantastic stay.

When we mentioned it was our honeymoon they upgraded us to a Super Deluxe room, which had a lounge, study and both a bath and shower room - I had never experienced anything like it before! They also gave us a complimentary bottle of champagne and a tray of chocolate truffles which were bought to our room shortly after our arrival.

I was surprised just how small Zagreb was, it was never designed to be a capital city so getting everywhere on foot isn't a problem at all.

Items on our Zagreb itinerary were: the daily market; Zagreb Cathedral; the galleries, boutiques and bars of Tkalčićeva; St Mark's church; the Lotrščak (Lookout) tower; and the Stone Gate, which was more of a shrine marking a fire that took place there in 1731. The fire destroyed everything except a painting of the Virgin Mary. Walking through it, you are walking through a place of worship, even though it is technically a road and through-way.

zadar medley #01

From Zagreb, we travelled across Continental Croatia to the coast at Zadar. Here we enjoyed a perfect mix of culture, sight-seeing and relaxation.

Items on our Zadar itinerary were: St Mary's Church and treasury; the nightlife of Stomorica (Zadar's Student Quarter); afternoon lounging and evening red sky sunset cocktails at The Garden; the pretty old town port; coffee on the Roman Forum; and the Tržnica (open air morning market).

We also had day trips to the beautiful Krka National Park with it's breathtaking waterfalls and scenery, and the town of Preko on the island of Ugljan.

zadar medley #02

The highlight of Zadar though had to be the Sea Organ, an experimental musical instrument played by the sea.

Designed by Croatian artist Nikola Bašić, the Sea Organ is seventy meters long with thirty-five organ pipes built under the concrete. The musical pipes are located so that the sea water and wind movements produce the most harmonious sounds. Paul and I spent a lot of our time in Zadar sitting on it's steps just reading and relaxing.

More pics over on my Flickr.


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